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Advantages of adult group homes like Violet's Elder Care

If you’re looking for assisted living for your loved one, comparing options can be a great way to identify some of the advantages that exist with with adult group homes in Phoenix Arizona. Unlike nursing homes or assisted living apartments, adult group homes are residential type homes which are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health to provide supervisory, personal and direct care.

Some of the Advantages Include

The most immediate benefits can be seen in the cost of care, assisted living homes offer an all inclusive monthly cost of care. This includes the actual care, meals, medication management, laundry service and housekeeping .

The second advantage is the comfort of home, since residential homes are the closest resemblance to home, residents feel at ease and comfortable with the overall surroundings. Unlike institutionalized environments  found in nursing homes or retirement communities, residential care homes offer a sense of comfort and relaxation which seniors enjoy most.

A third advantage which should not be overlooked is the caregiver to resident ratio. Since there are less residents to care for, our residents become familiar with their care takers which helps alleviate any uneccesary confusion by multiple unknown care providers.

Tour our Homes

We invite you to visit North Valley Care Home and Desert Comfort Assisted Living, both of our adult group homes are within walking distance from each other. Our facilities are state of the art, clean, safe and offers a pleasant home-like atmosphere for your loved one to enjoy. Give Violet a call at (602) 359-5136 or request a price quote to get started.

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