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Assisted living in Phoenix versus Scottsdale Arizona

If you are looking for assisted living in Arizona and are having a hard time deciding between Phoenix or Scottsdale areas, it important to know the differences between the two locations. Important factors which will play into your decision include the cost of care, how close the facility is in relation to your home, and near by hospitals.

Cost of Assisted Living between Scottsdale and Phoenix
Assisted living in Scottsdale comes at a higher price versus Phoenix, and this is because Scottsdale is more upscale and the cost of living is higher. If your budget allows, there are many luxury assisted living homes in Scottsdale that offer all the perks and accommodations that money can buy which can usually arrange from $4500 to $6500 per month. On the other hand, if you are looking for assisted living in the budget range of $3000 per month, North Phoenix has some great assisted living homes that fit that price range. The cost of assisted living depends and is calculated based on the monthly level care and services required by the resident, this is why one quoted a price, assisted living home owners use the term “depending on the level care”.

Choosing Assisted Living in Phoenix
When choosing assisted living in Phoenix, you will come across several benefits which include a more affordable cost of assisted living and nearby hospitals. North Phoenix is less condensed and a newer part of town, and is easier to get to via 101, 51 or I17 freeways.

Desert Comfort Assisted Living and North Valley Care Home
Both of our assisted living homes specialize in bringing compassionate elder care services to it’s residents. Our homes are state of the art, clean, safe and offers a pleasant home-like atmosphere for your loved one to enjoy. We pride ourselves in the quality our services our residents receive. You don’t have to take our word for it, schedule a tour and see for yourself, call Violet at (602) 359-5136.

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