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Cost of Assisted Living in Phoenix

The cost of assisted living in Phoenix ranges from $1800 per month to $3500 per month depending on which part of town you are looking in and also depending on the level care a resident may require. If you are looking for affordable assisted living, alternatives to high-priced senior care, or overpriced nursing homes, you will find that adult group homes in Phoenix are quite affordable.

Paying for Care
Most residents in Phoenix adult group homes a with private funds, some may have some supplemental sources like veterans benefits or long-term care insurance. Depending on how much again for to pay per month for care will determine the quality of care your loved one may receive in an assisted living home. Unfortunately group homes that charge less find it difficult to staff good caregivers and offer good accommodations which allow your loved one to live and maintain a comfortable quality of life.

In other words, you get what you pay for. The cost of assisted living in Phoenix in comparison to other states and cities around is much more affordable, in some cases cheaper by fifty percent. Many seniors even relocating to Arizona because the cost of assisted living is more affordable. Some places claim to offer assisted living from $1500 per month, but this is really just a basic services and he does not include 24-hour care nor supervision.

North Valley Care Home & Desert Comfort Assisted Living
Locating affordable assisted living in Phoenix is probably important to you, but it is also important to keep in mind that the quality of life is also important. North Valley Care Home and Desert Comfort Assisted Living offer around the clock quality senior care services¬†at affordable pricing. We pride ourselves in the quality of our services and the quality of life our residents receive at both of our adult group homes. Visiting families have been impressed with the level care we provide all residents with, this is why they’ve chosen North Valley Care Home and Desert Comfort Assisted Living to call. To get a price quote on the cost of care feel free to give us a call Violet at (602) 359-5136 or fill out our assisted living assessment form and we will provide you with an accurate cost of care.

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