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Residential Assisted Living Homes in Phoenix Arizona

If you’re looking for assisted living in Phoenix Arizona, you’ve most like come across several options available. Nursing homes or skilled nursing care is the most commonly known form of assisted living which offers residents a complete care solution including medical care. Many families however are not aware of the additional assisted living options that exist in Arizona which include residential assisted living homes which provide similar assisted living services like nursing homes but without the medical care.

What are residential Assisted Living Homes?

Residential assisted living homes, adult group homes or senior living homes are single family homes which are converted to offer assisted living services from five to ten residents. Services include assistance with daily living activities, medication management, housekeep, laundry service, meal preparation and many others.

Assisted living homes in Phoenix are a growing trend among seniors due to the higher quality of service offered and a better quality of lifestyle. Due to the high caregiver to resident ratio, residential care homes offer a greater flexibility and are able to adjust quicker to a residents changing needs. Usually during the day there are at least two caregivers on staff to assist with ten residents, this serves each resident with a greater one-on-one level of care.

If you’re looking for a quality assisted living home in the Phoenix area, be sure to call and schedule a visit and tour our adult group homes. Our facilities are state of the art, clean, safe and offers a pleasant home-like atmosphere for your loved one to enjoy. We pride ourselves in the quality our services our residents receive at North Valley Care Home and Desert Comfort Assisted Living Home. You don’t have to take our word for it, schedule a tour and see for yourself, call Violet at (602) 359-5136.


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