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Long Term Care in Phoenix

Our residents which reside at each of our assisted living homes in Phoenix receive long term care services which are catered to each individual’s needs. Arizona adult group homes like ours are setup in such a way to be able to offer incremental services, most seniors who enter assisted living usually only require some assistance with daily living activities. As they age in place, we are able to offer all levels of care, personal, supervision and direct care.This may include seniors who are diagnosed with Alzheimer”s disease, Parkinson”s, Dementia or memory disorders and a variety of other conditions which limit an individual from being able to carry out a normal life.

Our staff is highly trained to offer long term care for seniors who desire to age in place

Adult group homes like North Valley Care Home and Desert Comfort Assisted Living Home allow seniors to get long term care services as they age in place, and are not forced to move to a new facility as soon as their level of care increases. We”ve had patients who were bed bound and required assistance with feeding or were over weight and needed a hoyer lift in order to be able to be moved around.Our staff is highly trained and skilled in providing long term care in Phoenix for seniors who need all types of services. If you have additional questions about how long term care in Arizona is practiced by adult group homes, feel free to give us a call or ask a question on our faq page.

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