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Type of Patients admitted by Phoenix Assisted Living Homes

For families who are new to assisted living, many aren’t familiar with the whole array of available services offered in Arizona assisted living homes. Residential group homes or care homes offer long term care  for all levels of care. Residents in Arizona assisted living homes may include individuals with minimal supervisory assistance to higher care services like bed bound.

Types of Conditions
Residents who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s find assisted living homes a suitable accommodation in receiving services needed in maintaining a quality lifestyle. Additional conditions may include ambulatory problems, broken bones, cancer, colostomy or urostomy problems, diabetics, incontinence/bladder management, memory loss, monitored food intake, obesity, Parkinson’s, stoke, tendency to fall, terminally Ill, traumatic brain injury, wondering, dementia care and others.

Individual Cases
Because each individuals needs vary and are unique to their physical condition, it is important to be sure that the chosen care accommodation is able to provide the services they required. Assisted living homes are unique and each have certain services which may be performed best. Some assisted living homes specialize in Alzheimer’s care, while others are more suitable in offering just the basic services of daily living. Identifying a providers strength in services offered is very important when touring a facility.

Our Homes
We have been offering quality assisted living in Arizona for patients diagnosed for all types of conditions over the years. Both of our facilities have trained staff who provide senior care with excellence, dignity and respect.  Our facilities are is state of the art, clean, safe and offers a pleasant home-like atmosphere for your loved one to enjoy. We pride ourselves in the quality our services our residents receive at North Valley Care Home and Desert Comfort Assisted Living Home. You don’t have to take our word for it, schedule a tour and see for yourself, call Violet at (602) 359-5136.


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